Oklahoma Traffic Engineering Association (OTEA)
Chapter By-Laws

Article I - Purpose

Section 1
The purpose of the OTEA Chapter is the furtherance of traffic and transportation knowledge among its members; stimulation of professional improvement of its members; the fostering of closer association between persons with mutual interest in the traffic and transportation field; and the development of cooperation among its members for the betterment of traffic and transportation in the State of Oklahoma.

Article II - Membership

Section 2.1
Any Institute Member who resides within the State of Oklahoma, hereinafter referred to as the Chapter area, and who is in good standing within the MOVITE Section, shall be a member of the Chapter upon submission of a membership application and the payment of Chapter dues. Throughout these Bylaws, the term "Resides" refers to the individual's preferred Institute mailing address, either home or place of business.
Section 2.2
Any Institute Member may join the Chapter without residing within the Chapter area by obtaining approval of the Chapter Executive Board and upon payment of the Chapter dues.
Section 2.3
Persons residing within Chapter area and who fall into one or more of the following classifications may be affiliated with the Chapter as Chapter Affiliates:

  1. Persons who are accumulating experience toward Institute membership, or
  2. Students in a post-secondary academic program, or
  3. Persons who are professionally engaged in related fields, or
  4. Persons who are in a position to work with and assist transportation and traffic engineers by virtue of official positions or commercial employment

Section 2.4
Chapter Members who reside within Chapter area, shall be entitled to all of the privileges of the Chapter except that Student Members may not vote or hold elective office. Chapter Affiliates who reside within the Chapter area shall be entitled to all of the privileges of the Chapter except that they may not hold the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer as defined in Article V Section 5.1. Chapter Members and Chapter Affiliates who do not reside within Chapter area shall be entitled to all of the privileges of the Chapter, except that they may not hold elective office.
Section 2.5
All applications for Chapter Affiliate, except by students, shall include a description of their relationship with transportation as indicated in Section 2.3. All applications for Chapter Affiliates by a student shall be certified by a faculty member at the school attended by the applicant.
Section 2.6
The Chapter's Executive Board, or Board's delegate, shall process applications for Chapter Affiliate, including securing confidential reports from the applicant's references as required, and review the application for final action. Election of Chapter Affiliates shall be by vote of the Chapter's Executive Board. An affirmative vote by a majority of those attending shall be required for election.
Section 2.7
Chapter Honorary Members or Honorary Affiliate Membership can be granted at the discretion of the Chapter's Executive Board for Chapter Members and affiliates who are retired and served through the directors positions. Chapter Honorary Member or Honorary Affiliate Member shall be entitled to all of the privileges of the Chapter, except that they may not hold elective office.

Article III - Resignation and Expulsion

Section 3.1
A Chapter Member or Chapter Affiliate Member may resign from the Chapter by written communication to the Chapter Executive Board. If Chapter dues have been paid, the Board shall accept the resignation in good standing.
Section 3.2
Any Chapter Member or Chapter Affiliate Member whose dues are more than one year in arrears shall be dropped from Chapter membership by the Chapter Executive Board, and the unpaid dues, but not more than the total of two years dues, shall become an obligation to be paid before the delinquent can be restored to good standing in the Chapter.
Section 3.3
Any Chapter Member whose Institute membership has been forfeited shall also forfeit membership in the Chapter, and will be reinstated to membership in the Chapter only if reinstated to membership in the Institute. Any Chapter Member who is placed on inactive status by the Institute's Board of Direction shall also be placed on inactive status by the Chapter's Executive Board.
Section 3.4
Any Chapter Affiliate who, by reason of any change in occupation or profession, except by retirement, shall cease to be in contact regularly and frequently with transportation or traffic engineers or the transportation and traffic engineering profession shall forfeit affiliation with the Chapter without prejudice.
Section 3.5
The Chapter's Executive Board shall periodically review the qualifications of Chapter Affiliates. Upon meeting minimum qualifications for Institute membership the Chapter Affiliate shall be encouraged to apply for such membership.
Section 3.6
Any Chapter Member or Affiliate who advertises, uses, or attempts to use identification with the Chapter in any manner whatsoever with intent to derive personal gain thereof shall forfeit affiliation with the Chapter.
Section 3.7
The Chapter's Executive Board shall consider the expulsion of any Chapter Affiliate (a) upon information coming to its notice, or (b) upon the written request of five or more members, that, for the cause set forth, a person identified as a Chapter Affiliate should be expelled. The Chapter's Executive Board shall thereupon follow the procedure set forth in Article II Section 18 of the Institute Constitution. In the event such a charge is brought against a Member of the Institute or an Affiliate of the Institute, the Chapter's Executive Board shall immediately refer the matter to the Institute Board of Direction.

Article IV - Dues and Assessments

Section 4.1
There shall be no initiation or entrance fee.
Section 4.2
The fiscal year of the Chapter shall be from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. A $25 annual due shall be charged on a fiscal year basis for both Chapter Members and for Chapter Affiliates. Dues for students may be at a reduced rate determined by the Chapter's Executive Board. Chapter Honorary Affiliate Members shall pay no yearly dues to the Chapter.
Section 4.3
Dues shall be due from all members at the time of the first meeting of the fiscal year.
Section 4.4
Dues of new Chapter Members and Chapter Affiliates shall be payable upon election. A fifty percent reduction in dues shall be given to those joining during the last six months of the fiscal year.
Section 4.5
A special assessment may be made on a majority vote of the Chapter's Executive Board.
Section 4.6
All conferences and meetings conducted by the Chapter shall be planned on a financially self-supporting basis. Higher registration fees may be charged those attendees who are neither Chapter Members nor Affiliates.

Article V - Chapter Officers

Section 5.1
The elective officers shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, ODOT Director, City/County Director, Consultant Director and Supplier/Vendor Director. The President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer shall be Chapter Members and one of which must be a Member of the Institute. Elected officers who are Chapter Members at the time of their election, and who would incur financial hardship by becoming Institute Members, may have their dues to the Institute and Section paid from Chapter funds for the years that they are Chapter President, Vice-President, or Secretary-Treasurer, at the discretion of the Chapter's Executive Board.
Section 5.2
Officers are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner that reflects favorably on the Chapter, and shall attend and be active in Chapter functions. Any officer who fails to attend five (5) or more monthly business meetings during the year or two (2) monthly business meetings in succession shall be relieved of their position. The President shall fill the vacancy as specified in accordance with Article VII, Section 7.3 of the By-Laws.

Article VI - Duties of Chapter Officers

Section 6.1
The President shall preside at the meetings of the organization and shall be Chairman of the Executive Board. He shall insure that all rules and regulations are strictly observed, appoint and serve as an ex-officio of all committees, decide tie votes, and see that the officers faithfully perform their duties. He shall appoint all committees and act as an ex-officio member of each committee, except the Nominating Committee. The President shall appoint the Nominating Committee, composed of three Chapter Members.
Section 6.2
The Vice-President shall act as an adviser to and assist the President, plan the speaker and arrange other accommodations for the monthly business meetings, and in the absence of the President assume his position and duties.
Section 6.3
The Secretary-Treasurer shall record the proceedings of the organization proper, write and conduct the correspondence. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation of all reports due to the Section and the Institute. The Secretary-Treasurer shall take in and pay all bills contracted by the Chapter, sign all checks, give monthly reports to the Executive Board, and exercise authority in financial matters in accordance with such bylaws and resolutions as may be adopted by the membership from time to time. He/she shall keep an accurate record account of all receipts and expenditures of the organization and have his/her books open for the inspection of any member. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be bonded in such form and amount as may be determined by the Executive Board, the cost of which shall be borne by the organization. The Secretary-Treasurer shall collect all dues and other monies, depositing in a repository in the name of the Chapter. All disbursements shall be at the direction of the Executive Board. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be an ex-officio non-voting member of the Executive Board.
Section 6.4
Consultant Director shall coordinate all educational activities that promote the established purpose, ideals and goals of the organization. It shall be his/her responsibility to provide ideas and planning for seminars, educational programs, workshops and site visit tours.
Section 6.5
City/County Director shall handle the public relation functions of the organization. It shall be his/her responsibility to keep the membership appraised of all scheduled meetings, events and other news developments with periodic updates in the monthly business meeting notice.
Section 6.6
ODOT Director shall promote membership in the Chapter. He/she shall conduct membership drives to promote and encourage students, traffic and transportation professionals and/or vendors/suppliers to join OTEA in an Affiliate Member or Member status.
Section 6.7
Vendor/Supplier Director shall assist the Vice-President in the performance of his/her duties and work on special projects assigned by the President and/or the Executive Board.
Section 6.8
The Immediate Past-President shall be an official voting member of the Executive Board. He/she shall assist the Executive Board in conducting their duties and provide a historical perspective on the Execute Board. He/she shall be Chairman of the Nominating Committee. He/she shall serve as a mentor to first year directors providing direction and general information on duties and procedures.

Article VII - Nomination and Election of Officers

Section 7.1
Any officer, upon the consent of the Board of Directors, may succeed himself or herself for additional years of service, provided that the consent of the Board of Directors is renewed for each additional term.
Section 7.2
The President shall appoint a nominating committee, who, with the assistance of the Secretary, shall notify the voting membership not less than thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting of the names of at least one candidate for each office. A candidate for Vice-President must have served in the past or is currently serving on the Executive Board as a Director. The Vendor/Supplier Director is not eligible to serve as President, Vice-President or Secretary-Treasurer. Nomination and election of officers will take place at the business meeting prior to the annual meeting or within sixty (60) days prior to the annual meeting. Newly elected officers will assume their duties on July 1 of each year. Terms of office for outgoing officers shall expire when newly elected officers assume their duties.
Section 7.3
Should any elective office become vacant before the expiration of its term, the President with the approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint the next ranking officer or Board Member to fill said vacancy in ascending order leaving the position of the three year Board Member open. This position shall then be filled by an eligible member appointed by the President.

Article VIII - Meetings

Section 8.1
The Annual Business Meeting of the organization shall held on the Friday following the Annual Meeting normally be held in April or May. The Executive Board may meet on a monthly or quarterly basis, with the Annual Meeting to be held during the month of April or May. Other meeting dates shall be set in accordance with the wishes of the membership or the Executive Board as conditions justify. An Audit Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Board to audit the financial status of the Chapter and report their findings to the membership at the Annual Meeting.
Section 8.2
Monthly business meeting places may be arranged by the Vice-President with the approval of the Executive Board. The President shall designate the time and meeting place for the quarterly Executive Board meetings, including the Annual Meeting.
Section 8.3
Report of the financial condition of the organization shall be made by the Secretary-Treasurer to the Executive Board at its quarterly meetings and to the membership as a whole at the Annual Business Meeting.
Section 8.4
Committee reports and reports by the President may be made at any meeting at which business of the Chapter is conducted.

Article IX - Government

Section 9.1
The government of the organization shall be vested in the Executive.
Section 9.2
The Executive Board shall consist of the elective officers and the most recent Past-President who is a Chapter Member or a Chapter Affiliate Member.
Section 9.3
The Executive Board shall meet at least quarterly. A majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum. The conduct of the Executive Board meeting shall conform to Robert's Rules of Order.

Article X - Amendments

Section 10.1
Proposals to amend the Bylaws may be made by the Executive Board or by written petition signed by at least five (5) members.
Section 10.2
The by-laws of the Chapter may be adopted, and amended after adoption, only if the proposition is submitted in writing to all voting members of the Chapter at least thirty (30) days in advance of the date on which action is proposed. Adoption and amendment shall require an affirmative two-thirds vote of those voting. Chapter by-laws shall be filed with the Section Board and the Institute within thirty (30) days after adoption or amendment and shall take effect upon being filed with the Section Board.